Theano Vrentzou

Vice Governor
Region of Crete
DescriptionTheano Vrentzou-Skordalaki was born in 1956 in Haraki Monofatsiou, Crete. She is married and has two children, Marcos and Manolis. Βρέντζου - Σκορδαλάκη Θεανώ Theano Vrentzou - Skordalaki She studied logistics and her carrier is linked to the development and expansion of super market "Chalkiadakis S.A." in Crete, where she had been working for the past 28 years, most of them as a general director of the company. Effectiveness, professionalism, industriousness and excellent cooperation characterize the quality of her work. A very important element of her carrier was the support and promotion of the local products of Crete. Mrs' Vrentzou's social activity is long-standing, strong but discretionary and is focused on matters of culture and social solidarity. She has shown a special interest on socially vulnerable groups. Theano Vrentzou-Skordalaki was an elected alderman in 2002 and 2006 (she was reelected among first positions), and since 2002 she was a member of the Mayoral Committee. In 2002-2005, she was the Vice-President of the Municipal Company. During her term of office, the Cultural Center of Heraklion was established. Mrs Vrentzou participated in many other social activities, among them the implementation of several Programs concerning the elderly people and the establishment of the Center of Social Providence. Today, Mrs Vrentzou-Skordalaki is the Deputy Governor of the Region of Crete in matters of Agricultural Economy, Social Policy, Veterinary and Fisheries. Among her duties, she decided to draft and implement a business plan for the development of the agricultural sector in the island of Crete, which is now at the stage of approval by the Regional Council of Crete.
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